Terms and conditions

  1. Payment for e-tickets for SOKOTEL AS events can be made using Swedbank, SEB, Danske, Nordea, LHV or Krediidipank online banking.
  2. After making the pre-booking, the AS SOKOTEL ticket system will forward the buyer a link by e-mail, enabling an electronic payment to be made. The transfer must be made within 15 minutes after receiving the link. If the payment is not successful, the pre-booking will be cancelled.
  3. AS SOKOTEL asks that you check the details of the tickets you are buying when you are making your selection and paying for the tickets. Subsequent claims will not be accepted.
  4. The purchased tickets are only valid for the event taking place on the date and time indicated on the ticket.
  5. AS SOKOTEL will not refund tickets or pay compensation for unused tickets.
  6. For entry to AS SOKOTEL events, a printed-out online ticket must be presented or the pdf-ticket with the bar code displayed on a smart device. If a printed-out ticket cannot be presented or the bar code displayed on a smart device, one can present the order number.
  7. When buying a discount ticket for the KGB Museum, the museum guide has the right to ask for the attendee to present a document confirmed the right to the discount.
  8. All ticket prices include VAT.
  9. When purchasing tickets for the cabaret evenings at the Merineitsi Restaurant, the computer program will automatically select the best available seats in the hall. When purchasing the cabaret evening tickets online at, the buyer agrees to accept the best available seats selected by the computer.
  10. Smoking (incl. e-cigarettes) is prohibited at the events in the AS SOKOTEL interior spaces. Smoking is only permitted in the Amiga Nightclub and Pub, where it must occur in the specially assigned smoking room.
  11. AS SOKOTEL employees have the right to prohibit people from attending the event who are obvious drunk, suffering from serious personal hygiene problems, or are otherwise disturbing the other attendees.
  12. AS SOKOTEL employees have the right to confiscate any food or drink, or other prohibited substances that have been brought to the event. The confiscated items will be returned to the owners after the event.
  13. It is prohibited to bring cut-and-thrust weapons or firearms to AS SOKOTEL events or service locations.
  14. In order to ensure security at events, AS SOKOTEL employees have the right to ask visitors to show them the contents of their bags.
  15. AS SOKOTEL employees have the right to remove anyone who is disturbing the other guests or the organisation of the event without refunding their money. In the case of serious breaches of order, AS SOKOTEL has the right to detain any offenders until they are handed over to the police.
  16. AS SOKOTEL does not reveal the personal data of its clients to third parties, except in cases prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
  17. In case of any problems or questions, please contact the AS SOKOTEL Sales Department at or by phoning +372 680 9300.
  18. Legal details of the company: AS SOKOTEL, Viru väljak 4, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia. Registration code: 10953787, KMKR: EE100840636.

Privacy policies

Data protection in S Group's hotels and restaurants

  • S Group processes your personal data in order to provide the best possible services for you. We store personal data of our hotel and restaurant clients, our business partners and our staff. Personal data includes, e.g. first and last name, telephone number or data on how you use a service.
  • S Group has allocated the processing of personal data into various registers according to how the data is used. For example, data in the S-Card customer loyalty register is only used for managing memberships.
  • Most of the registers used by our hotels and restaurants are maintained by the SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management. It is, however, possible that our business units act as the data controllers of their own personal data registers.

Processing of personal data

  • What type of personal data do we collect?
  • S Group's personal data registers process personal data of customers, staff and business partners. The data processed in each register is based on the purposes of use of such data by the register. We only process personal data that is necessary for fulfilling the purposes of the registers.
  • How do we use your personal data?
  • We use data stored in S Group's personal data registers for pre-determined purposes. Based on the register, such purposes may include, for example, activities related to customer relationship management.
  • How do we collect your personal data?
  • Your personal data stored in S Group's personal data registers consists mainly of data submitted by yourself, e.g. when making a room or table booking at one of our locations.
  • Legal grounds for personal data processing
  • The processing of personal data by S Group's personal data registers has several legal grounds, including law, contract, agreement or legitimate interest.
  • Who processes your personal data?
  • Your personal data is only processed by employees of S Group and our service providers, who are specifically tasked with processing of personal data. We will always process your personal data carefully, maintaining good data processing practices.
  • Further information on the items discussed above, please read the privacy policies of each personal data register.